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Bead Fest Summer

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Bead Fest Summer was an epic event that definitely lived up to all expectations. Thanks to YOU and your fellow jewelry enthusiasts, our 15th Anniversary celebration was filled with fun, inspiration and moments we will remember forever. We want to give a huge thanks to each and every one of you who came to Bead Fest Summer, or were cheering us on from home! We certainly had an incredible time and based on the wonderful event photos and blog posts we’ve stumbled upon; it looks like you had a great time, too!

Did you have to skip Bead Fest Summer? Not to worry! You can still join us for Bead Fest Fall in scenic Tacoma, Washington this October! There are tons of workshops to choose from, and you’ll find exhibitors from all over the world!

In celebration of our wonderful Bead Fest fans, today, we are shining the spotlight on one of our Bead Fest regulars, Betony Maiden. Betony is the founder of Maiden Design Studios and is the author of The Beadwenches Blogs. She recently posted about her experience at Bead Fest Summer, so be sure to check out her blog post to learn even more about Bead Fest and Betony!

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Betony Maiden’s Bead Fest Summer Story

Betony’s beautiful pendant from Candie Cooper’s workshop, “Doodle a Pendant with Paint and Pencil.” Image source:

“Bead Fest Summer was amazing. It kicked off with a small “Tailgate” party with Jesse James Beads, Candie Cooper, Dakota Stones and Stars Clasps in the parking lot by the big globe. They had coffee, donuts, deals, and connecting… I met some wonderful people there and even those who I know from online that came in from out of state.

As a newbie to taking classes, let me just say that I LOVED being a student… not to mention the cool freebies the sponsors give out. The classes were just so much fun and I really learned a lot of techniques. I took two $35.00 classes as that was in my budget this year—Kate Richbourg’s No Fail Stack Ring class, and Candie Cooper’s Doodle a Pendant with Paint and Pencil. Both are amazing teachers, and I truly enjoyed the experience and all that I took from each class. I have been making and selling jewelry for about 10 years , some would question why I take classes at all. My answer is there are always new techniques to be learned. The jewelry community is fast growing and even though I may have more experience in one or five mediums there is always room for growth. The classes help me to use these techniques in my work.

Betony Maiden & Candie Cooper! Image source:

The staff at Bead Fest is always courteous, willing to help, friendly, and always have a smile on their faces. Bead Fest to me is the one time a year I can leave my daily-life stresses at home and be around likeminded people, those who don’t mind the drooling over their tables of goods. It is a home away from home, the jewelry community is one with open hearts, one that doesn’t mind taking time out to speak to you about their products, or teach you something new. I also love the demos on the Expo floor. Those such as the guest artists at Parawire, Wyatt from Beadalon, Impress Stamps, Fretz, and quite a few more. This gives Bead Fest goers new things to learn as well.

Image taken during Kate Richbourg’s “No Fail Stack Ring” workshop. Image source:

I have actually just looked into teaching a class at Bead Fest, hopefully next year. I always get asked what did I come home with from Bead Fest because people want to get inside my creative mind, I take that leap into the unknown and my work shows that, I’ve been asked to teach a mixed media class by so many that I think it would be a great opportunity for me as well as those who would love to come and sign up. My Beadwench persona is pretty well known with my online chats and tutorials. I think it would be amazing to teach a class and really have that full Bead Fest experience.” —Betony Maiden

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We are so inspired by Betony’s Bead Fest Summer journey and we are beyond impressed with her motivation to continue building her skills and make the leap to become an instructor. She also picked up a ton of awesome jewelry art supplies at the Expo. We can’t wait to see what she makes with them! Discover Betony’s dazzling Bead Fest Summer haul and more about her experience HERE.

Are you dying to have your own Bead Fest experience? Be sure to join us for Bead Fest Fall, happening October 13-16 in scenic Tacoma, Washington! Browse the lengthy list of workshops and register for your favorites soon. Seats are filling up fast!






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  1. This is the best thing since sliced bread 🙂 tha b k you so much Beadfest for this amazing STAR spotlight… Thank you for all of your hard work to ensure that us Beadfest goers have the most amazing experience!!!

    1. Betony, you are a Bead Fest rock star!! Thank you for bringing your wonderful energy and eagerness to learn to our event. We absolutely LOVE your blog post about your experience and we can’t wait to see you again next time!


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