January’s Birthstone

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In honor of January’s striking birthstone, garnet, we are delving into the curative powers and ancient uses of this ornamental jewel. Some of the oldest Talismans to be discovered feature the warm and complex garnet gemstone. Mesmerizing in its raw state as well as in a polished and faceted shape, garnet is coveted for its mysterious use in ancient traditions and battles.

Get to know: Garnet

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Appearance: Deep shades of crimson, merlot and mahogany. Faceting raw garnet can reveal the stone’s true red hue. Small chunks of raw garnet are often comparable to the appearance of pomegranate seeds.

Origin: Garnet is commonly mined in India, Namibia, Kenya, Madagascar, Sri Lanka and Tanzania.

Healing benefits:
• Energizing and revitalizing
• Protects against evil, nightmares and wounds
• Known for its manifestation powers, garnet is the perfect stone to transform a dream into reality.
• Increases hope, honesty and commitment. Since the Bronze Age, garnet has been a popular present for couples celebrating a wedding anniversary.
• Harnesses creativity

Garnet trivia: Garnet is not only a beautiful gemstone to wear, but it’s also a scientific marvel. Garnet’s hardness and grittiness make it perfect for use in sandpaper, abrasives and watch gears.

Garnet inspired workshops: Bead Fest Santa Fe

This workshop proves that 2 stones are better than one! Learn how to stack and assemble multiple stones and form the ring or pendant of your dreams.

Stacking Stones
Instructor: Richard Salley
Skill Level: Beginner
Price: $190
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Create an eye-catching masterpiece out of epoxy clay and hundreds of dazzling Swarovski crystals.

Cosmic Bling Bangle
Instructor: Debra Saucier
Skill Level: All Levels
Price: $205
REGISTER — 19 spots remain!

Learn to create your own one-of-a-kind stone and metal pendant in a small space with minimal tools and materials.

Kitchen Table Soldering
Instructor: Francesca Watson
Skill Level: Beginner
Price: $200
REGISTER — 8 spots remain!

Ready to shop for your own garnet gemstones and beads?

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If you have a favorite garnet piece, let us know if you’ve ever experienced the gemstone’s speculated healing powers! Here at Bead Fest, we love learning about the materials we work with just as much as we love creating with them. Stay tuned for a very special instructor spotlight next week, and come back in February for another birthstone post.

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