March’s Birthstone

We are fresh off the plane from Bead Fest Santa Fe and we’re still feeling the rush of inspiration from what can only be described as an event packed with creativity, friendship and beautiful jewelry. While in Santa Fe, we saw our fair share of vibrant blue turquoise, but today, we’re going to pay attention to another beautiful blue gemstone.

We’re talking about aquamarine, the official March birthstone! Before March escapes us, we want to take a few minutes to relish this dreamy ice-like stone.

Get to Know: Aquamarine

Appearance: Aquamarine can display many shades of blue, from a deep teal to a light crystallized blue, depending on its iron concentration.

Meaning behind the name: Aquamarine comes from the Latin word for sea  and water. Aquamarine’s translation is said to be a contributing factor for the folklore behind this unique gemstone. It was once believed that aquamarine had the power to protect sailors at sea and assist them on a safe journey back to land. It was also said that Neptune, god of the sea, found a piece of aquamarine washed up on the shoreline and took the precious finding back into the ocean.

Origin: Most aquamarine is harvested in Brazil, Kenya and Nigeria.

Fun Fact: The Ancient Greeks and Romans believed that aquamarine originated in the treasure chests of mermaids deep under the sea.

Potential Healing Benefits:

  • During the Middle Ages, it was believed that aquamarine could reduce the effects of poison.
  • Aquamarine is suspected to reduce anxiety due to the calming energy of the stone, similar to that of waves rolling to shore.
  • Aquamarine could potentially help couples overcome arguments and live in harmony.
  • Aquamarine is believed to boost one’s inner strength and courage. It helps tune out stress and focus on living a happy and positive life.
  • It is believed that aquamarine promotes a youthful appearance (we’ll take an extra large piece, please!).

Famous figures with March birthdays: Olivia Wilde, Albert Einstein, Vincent Van Gogh, Reese Witherspoon, Tommy Hilfiger, Liz Claiborne, Derek Lam, Kenneth Cole

At Bead Fest, feeling the blues is a good thing! Here’s an exclusive sneak peek at blue-hued workshops coming to Bead Fest Philadelphia this August! Don’t forget, workshop registration opens April 19!

Casting Resin 101
Instructor: Susan Lenart Kazmer

Learn the proper basic structure and techniques for casting with resin. In this workshop, you can create a unique mold with found and uncommon objects.

Venice Carnival
Instructor: Agnieszka Watts

Create a sparkling crystal bangle bracelet that you’ll want to duplicate over and over again (until you have enough to stack!). This workshop will get you familiar with bead embroidery and will leave you with a colorful piece that’s perfect for every season.

Pillars of Athena
Instructor: Pamela Garbig

This Grecian-inspired beauty will help you master 3D level beading, BI-Color outlining, and how to capture and place organic materials.

Instructor: Jean Van Brederode

Create a magical domed pendant using a little-known kiln enameling process.  No two are ever alike and the results are always incredible!

We hope this post gave you “the blues” in the best way possible!

In our opinion, aquamarine is an incredibly interesting gemstone due to its rich history in folklore, range of suspected healing benefits and the fact that it’s not present in the jewelry industry as much as its blue friend, turquoise. If you have a March birthday, own a piece of aquamarine or just want to express your love for this blue beauty, leave us a comment below and on our social pages!

Also, if you didn’t make it to Bead Fest Santa Fe, stay tuned for a special blog post filled with photos and fun moments from the event! And don’t forget, workshop registration for Bead Fest Philadelphia opens on April 19, and you will be able to save your seat in the gorgeous workshops we listed above.








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