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Meet Steven James!

Steven’s Triptych Pendant workshop at Bead Fest Santa Fe 2017
Bead Fest Tacoma kicks off next week, and we’re so excited to catch up with all of our favorite instructors at the show! One of the standout stars teaching at Bead Fest Tacoma this year is the very talented Steven James!

Steven has been instructing jewelry workshops for nearly 20 years, is a master of enameling and metal techniques, and isn’t afraid of using vibrant color and unique shapes in his work. His inextinguishable passion for handmade jewelry has even landed him appearances on the DIY and HGTV networks!

Let’s get to know more about Steven’s jewelry-making history!

What is your favorite part about teaching at Bead Fest?

“My favorite part of teaching at Bead Fest is having the opportunity to be surrounded by so many creative people. I also really enjoy seeing the ‘spark’ come alive in students when they discover a new technique.”

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Why should students take your workshops this year in Tacoma?

“I think students should take my workshops at Tacoma because they offer a short break from the rules and routines of our daily lives. The goals of my workshops have always been to tap into one’s personal creative spirit, look at jewelry making and enameling a little differently, and of course, to have fun. I also provide all of the tools in class, so students don’t need to traipse around Tacoma gathering materials. They just come to the class and start creating something right away!”

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What is your favorite thing about teaching jewelry-making to others?

“I was in art major in college, so I’ve always approached jewelry-making with that lens – little works of art that you wear into the world. My classes are also designed to allow students an opportunity to create customized pieces, so each student walks out with a piece that is unique to them and their creativity. For that reason I love teaching others, because I just adore seeing what students will make, based on what I’ve taught them.”

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Feeling inspired to craft your own wearable art?

Or perhaps you’re now eager to try one of Steven’s workshops at Bead Fest Tacoma after reading his inspirational quotes? You can register for his workshops online NOW, or for any open workshop onsite at the Greater Tacoma Convention & Trade Center. Happy Tuesday!

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