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What kind of bling, beads and baubles will you be rocking this Fourth of July? In preparation for today’s sparkly holiday, we have made a conscious effort to star-spangle all of everything and adorn ourselves with new jewelry trends–fresh off the runway!

Today, we’re diving into those favorite runway-inspired trends, and showing you how to get the look for less. Whether you’re all about what’s hip in fashion or prefer to create to the beat of your own drummer, Bead Fest Philadelphia has workshops that were made for you!

Your crash course in current jewelry trends begins in 3…2…1!

Left: Rodarte | Right: Gwen Youngblood’s Leather and Silver with a Twist

Rodarte is known for mixing delicate fabrics, including lace, mesh and tulle with tough-girl accents. We love how they paired a feminine frock with slender leather bracelets coated with sassy studs. If you’re all about pretty fabrics, but the girly-girl look just isn’t you, try transforming the look with a little edge.

Our recreation of this look comes courtesy of Gwen Youngblood, and we actually prefer her lovely leather wrist wrap over the runway version! Her industrial metal elements and subtle studs lends just the right amount of edge to the piece.

Get the look with Gwen Youngblood in Leather and Silver with a Twist.

Left: Alexander Wang | Right: Kaska Firor’s Love-Knot Ring Extreme

Twists, turns, loops and hoops–we love the more-is-more approach to metal jewelry that has been so prevalent on the runways this year. Silver is always a cool statement in our books, but the unique texture created by piled-up rings and shapes adds something special to our favorite metal. There might be a lot going on, but silver is neutral enough to tone down the wildness of this trend.

We’re so excited to create our own extreme metals in Kaska Firor’s Love-Knot Ring Extreme workshop!

Get the look with Kaska Firor in Love-Knot Ring Extreme.

Left: Agnès B. | Right: Helen Driggs’ Color on Metal

Take a trip to paradise with beautiful swirls of tropical green and sunny, golden yellow. We love these colors, because they’re spot on for summer, but they are also neutral enough to work with your fall wardrobe. What could make these colorful hues even better? Combining them with natural, leafy shapes of course!

We’re all about Helen Driggs’ splashes of color over rustic brass and copper. Create this trend yourself, and feel like you’ve landed on the beach each time you rock it!

Fun Fact: This trend pairs well with a tall Piña colada (wink!).

Get the look with Helen Driggs in Color on Metal.

Left: Erin Fetherston | Right: Melissa Kay-Steves’ Metalmorphasis

Crystal adornments are making us feel radiant with good vibes this season! Harness the true power of your favorite gemstones, no matter how big or small, by layering them with metal and fun beads. Even if you’re not a believer in crystal healing, it’s safe to say that everyone feels just a little bit happier when they have gorgeous gemstones and beads wrapped around their neck.

We’re pumped to recreate this trend at Bead Fest Philadelphia with Melissa Kay-Steves! Her textured-metal cicada wing design is the perfect complement to a sweet crystal.

Get the look with Melissa Kay-Steves in Metalmorphasis.

Left: Adeam | Right: Kieu Pham Gray’s Simply Silver – Intro to Basic Soldering

In a twist about how to flaunt the newest knot craze? Since this season’s knots incorporate metals instead of classic rope and fabric, pair this game-changing trend with bold makeup and a sleek ensemble for a modern look with industrial flair.

Get the look with Kieu Pham Gray in Simply Silver – Intro to Basic Soldering.

August will be here before you know it, so go ahead–commit to your goals and join us for the jewelry celebration that has been going strong for more than 15 years!

Thank you all for joining us today, and we wish you all a happy, safe and FUN holiday!

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