Instructor Spotlight:

Q&A with Richard Salley

Stone on Stone Rings by Richard Salley
In less than 50 days, jewelry artists from all over the nation will flock to the history-rich city of Santa Fe for an experience that brings out the jewelry industry’s best. That’s right; all of your favorite instructors and exhibitors will be there! We’re talking about Bead Fest Santa Fe, of course, and among the impressive lineup of skilled instructors you will find Richard Salley. Continue reading “Q&A with Richard Salley”


January’s Birthstone

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In honor of January’s striking birthstone, garnet, we are delving into the curative powers and ancient uses of this ornamental jewel. Some of the oldest Talismans to be discovered feature the warm and complex garnet gemstone. Mesmerizing in its raw state as well as in a polished and faceted shape, garnet is coveted for its mysterious use in ancient traditions and battles. Continue reading “January’s Birthstone”

Guide to the Best of Santa Fe

Explore Santa Fe

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The ever-popular Bead Fest Santa Fe is just around the corner, and if you’re attending—which we hope you are—you’re probably looking forward to experiencing all of Santa Fe’s treasures. The mountain views, priceless sunsets, unrivaled art scene, nature-immersive activities—oh, and let’s not forget about the renowned cuisine! Continue reading “Explore Santa Fe”