February’s Birthstone

Today may be the last day of February, but that’s not going to stop us from showing this month’s birthstone some love! As you may have guessed, today is all about the mystical and mesmerizing gemstone, amethyst. Beautiful in a raw or faceted state, this gemstone is connected to history (in ancient times, amethyst held the same value as diamonds!) and potential healing powers. Continue reading “February’s Birthstone”


January’s Birthstone

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In honor of January’s striking birthstone, garnet, we are delving into the curative powers and ancient uses of this ornamental jewel. Some of the oldest Talismans to be discovered feature the warm and complex garnet gemstone. Mesmerizing in its raw state as well as in a polished and faceted shape, garnet is coveted for its mysterious use in ancient traditions and battles. Continue reading “January’s Birthstone”

Tanzanite & Turquoise

December’s Birthstones

Janet Alexander
Happy Tuesday, jewelry artists! Here at the Bead Fest headquarters, we think it’s safe to say that December is perhaps the best month out of the entire year. For us, December is dedicated to time spent with the one’s we love, baking tons of goodies, creating cute holiday DIYs and of course, watching our favorite holiday movies on repeat! Continue reading “December’s Birthstones”