Your Guide to Trendy & Affordable Workshops

Bead Fest Fall


Greetings Bead Fest darlings! Here at the Bead Fest Headquarters, we are practically jumping up and down because Bead Fest Fall is only 2 weeks away! Can you believe it? And more importantly, are you joining us?! If you haven’t signed up yet, don’t sweat it. Some of our most popular workshops still have a few seats left—and they’re calling your name! Click here to register for Bead Fest Fall! Continue reading “Bead Fest Fall”

Bead Fest Trend Spotlight


Greetings Bead Fest fans! Today, Bead Fest is strutting down the catwalk, striking a pose and breaking down the latest jewelry trends, all while showing you the hottest workshops that directly correlate with the runway’s current and coveted styles. Why spend a fortune to flaunt the latest pieces: when you can CIY (Create It Yourself) at Bead Fest? Take a look at some of the #OnFleek workshops coming up at Bead Fest Summer and Bead Fest Fall! Continue reading “Bead Fest Trend Spotlight”