February’s Birthstone

Today may be the last day of February, but that’s not going to stop us from showing this month’s birthstone some love! As you may have guessed, today is all about the mystical and mesmerizing gemstone, amethyst. Beautiful in a raw or faceted state, this gemstone is connected to history (in ancient times, amethyst held the same value as diamonds!) and potential healing powers.

Get to Know: Amethyst

Appearance: Amethyst can display variants of light lilac to a deep eggplant color. Some amethyst has a gradient that starts clear and transitions gradually into a vibrant shade of purple.

Origin: Currently, most amethyst is mined in Brazil and Uruguay.

Fun Fact: The Ancient Greeks held amethyst to such a high regard, they believed their bodies could not experience the negative effects of alcohol when amethyst was present. Amethyst’s Ancient Greek meaning translates to, “one that does not get drunk”.

Healing Benefits:
• The presence of amethyst can assist in teaching animals to listen to commands.
• It calms and soothes during stressful situations.
• It can relieve hyperactivity in children.
• For all of our business owners out there, amethyst is known for helping negotiations run smoothly.
• It brings balance to difficult situations.
• Amethyst can help banish negative thoughts.
• It’s known for its ability to boost creative thoughts.
• Known as the “All-Healer”, amethyst has a wide range of emotional and physical healing properties for both humans and animals.

Bead Fest Santa Fe: Workshops Inspired by Amethyst

Lasso Ring
Instructor: Eva Sherman | Register
Techniques: Silversmithing, Soldering, Stone Setting – Faceted, Torchwork

Solder your way to a unique twisting ring with a bold statement stone. Old-world techniques fuse with contemporary lines in this Intermediate workshop.

Porcelain Critter Earrings
Instructor: Heidi Kummli | Register
Techniques: Bead Embroidery, Design, Finishing, Stone Setting – Cabochon

Make your ears happy and adorable by adorning them with adorable hand-beaded critter earrings. We love the large focal stone that each critter holds close, just beneath their chins.

Fused Argentium Pendant with Granulation
Instructor: Janet Alexander | Register
Techniques: Annealing, Finishing, Flex Shaft, Fusing, Metalsmithing, Metalwork, Patina, Silversmithing, Soldering, Stone Setting – Cabochon

Create a fan-shaped pendant with intricate silver detailing and a dazzling center stone. You may be making this pendant from scratch, but its highly detailed design gives the effect of a precious ancient artifact.

Twinkle Twist Bracelet
Instructor: Kieu Pham Gray | Register
Techniques: Technique: Metalsmithing, Metalwork, Soldering, Stone Setting – Faceted

For an instant pop of fun and elegance, slide on this silver twisted bracelet complete with a sparkly stone at each end.

Pick up a few amethyst pieces from Bead Fest exhibitors!

Bead Fest Santa Fe’s Expo will be filled with gorgeous gemstones, including amethyst! Make a list of your top gemstones, and have a blast feeling and comparing the different sizes and shapes of your favorite gemstone varieties. Take advantage of the Expo’s hands-on approach to shopping, and start piecing together your amethyst-adorned jewelry before you even get home!

Featured Exhibitor: Robert Lopez Designs | Discover More

If we could, we would hop in line right now to purchase Robert’s stunning amethyst ring. Rustic, timeless and perfect for any season, this ring is definitely at the top of our wishlist!

Expo tip: Pull up your favorite Pinterest boards, and use them as inspiration while you shop the Expo. And if you run into questions, just ask one of our friendly exhibitors!

Bead Palace | Bollywood Bead Co. | Dakota Stones

It’s hard to believe that February has already come and gone. It’s even harder to believe that Bead Fest Santa Fe is less than a month away! It seems like just yesterday we were beginning to plan the event, and now, we’re starting to pack our bags. We hope to see you all at the Santa Fe Community Convention Center, March 23-26. If you’re attending, leave us a comment below and share your excitement? Can’t make it this time around? We still want you to leave a comment and tell us about your favorite gemstone.

Thanks for reading, lovely Bead Fest friends! We’ll see you next Tuesday. Same time, same place.











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