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July’s Birthstone

Red ruby rings | Village Silversmith
July is flying by right before our eyes, but we can’t say goodbye to this month before we honor its birthstone–the ruby! Known as the ‘King of Gemstones’, the name of this stone comes from the Latin word for red.

The ruby has been cherished throughout history as a noble stone, celebrated by royals and the most affluent of leaders. It is believed that rubies once surpassed the diamond in worth, and the Chinese Emperor, Kublai Khan, traded a single ruby for an entire city. Today, rubies are still highly-valued precious gemstones that are loved in both a polished and raw state.

Are you ready to rock your world with more ruby facts? Let’s get to know this fiery gem!

Meet Ruby

Appearance: Rubies can range from a medium pink to a deep crimson hue, although the most valuable rubies display a true-red color.

Origin: Many of the world’s most valuable rubies are harvested in the Mogok Mines of Myanmar. Rubies can also be found in Thailand, Cambodia, Afghanistan, Brazil, Colombia, Australia, and Namibia, to name a few places.

Fun Facts:

  • Rubies without imperfections are exceptionally rare and command prices even higher than diamonds.
  • The ruby is deemed to be the most precious of gemstones by the Bible.
  • During the Middle Ages, it was believed that rubies would take on a deep, dark color if danger was near.
  • The 125West Ruby is the largest ruby ever found. It weighs 8.2lbs or 18,696 carats, but little is known about this magnificent gem’s origin.
Rough, uncut rubies | Image Source

Ruby’s Healing Benefits:

  • Protects one against physical attacks
  • Promotes spiritual wisdom
  • Has been known to ignite creativity (perfect for jewelry artists!)
  • Assists with one’s ability to memorize and remember
  • Promotes healthy relationships and one’s love life
  • Wards off jealous feelings

Ruby’s in Pop Culture:

  • Alfred Hitchcock’s Vertigo and the ruby necklace | 1958
  • Victor Fleming’s The Wizard of Oz and Dorothy’s ruby-red slippers | 1939
  • Garry Marshall’s Pretty Woman and Julia Roberts’ ruby-and-diamond necklace | 1990

Famous Figures with July Birthdays:

  • Lindsay Lohan
  • Jessica Simpson
  • Tom Cruise
  • Alexander the Great
  • J. K. Rowling
  • Frida Kahlo
  • Ringo Starr

Create your own ruby-inspired pieces at Bead Fest Philadelphia & Bead Fest Tacoma!

Basket Full of Gems Pendant | Kaska Firor
Event: Bead Fest Philadelphia

Put your own ruby-licious spin on this piece by using a vibrant red stone! After you learn the ropes, recreate this pendant at home with your own rustic, raw ruby gemstone.

Three Stone Ring | Eva Sherman
Events: Bead Fest Philadelphia & Bead Fest Tacoma

Achieve the ultra-trendy stacked gemstone look with Eva Sherman at both of our remaining 2017 events! Various shades of pink and red create a gorgeous ombre effect that can be styled through every season!

Top This Cuff | Marcia Balonis
Event: Bead Fest Tacoma

Rose gold, vibrant pink and coppery reds make this beaded cuff a true showstopper! Mixed media materials give this piece a boho, almost mermaid-like vibe that pairs perfect with other warm hues.

Stone Set Chunky Wrap PMC Silver Ring | Donna Lewis
Event: Bead Fest Tacoma

A little bit rustic, a little bit contemporary, chic and completely unique! We can’t think of a better way to describe this stunning ring. Create it for yourself, and then customize more versions at home with your stone of choice! May we suggest rubies?

Stock up on rubies at Bead Fest Philadelphia’s Expo!

Your guide to Philly exhibitors with rubies–and in some cases, other precious stones–in hand!

Ruby drops | Abson Inc.

Bead Fest Philadelphia and Bead Fest Tacoma are your destinations for learning how to create jewelry with your favorite gemstones (including rubies!), and you’ll have the chance to stock up on rare and unique gems at both Expos!

Whether rubies are your birthstone, or you just have a burning passion for their royal appearance, we hope you enjoyed discovering more about this fascinating gemstone! What was your favorite ruby fact? Tell us about it in the comments below!

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