Why March is the best month

Happy National Craft Month!

The weather is warming up, flowers are beginning to bloom, the snow has been traded in for rain showers and the birds can’t stop singing a jovial tune. Spring may not be here yet, but it’s well on its way! In addition to being excited about spring’s arrival, we’re pumped to celebrate National Craft Month at Bead Fest Santa Fe in just a few weeks! Continue reading “Happy National Craft Month!”

Bead Fest Fall

Event Wrap Up


Happy Tuesday Bead Fest fans! We’re wishing you all a festive, fun and safe Halloween week! Have you created any cute/creepy DIY decorations, recipes, or jewelry art projects inspired by Halloween? If so, post those pictures and tag us! We are always inspired by your creations.

Continue reading “Event Wrap Up”

Kelsy Vincent of Shipwreck Beads

Bead Fest Interviews

Image source: https://www.facebook.com/shipwreckbeads/photos/

Okay Bead Fest fans, we are super pumped about this one! As many of you probably know, Shipwreck Beads is basically paradise for anyone who adores creating jewelry, and we were lucky enough to interview the company’s social media guru and skilled jewelry art instructor, Kelsy Vincent. Kelsy also manages SWB’s beautiful and informative blog, Loose Ends presented by Shipwreck Beads. By the way, we will be answering exclusive questions for SWB’s blog, so stay tuned for more on this exciting collaboration! Continue reading “Bead Fest Interviews”

An Attendee Story

Bead Fest Summer

DSC_0004 (2)

Bead Fest Summer was an epic event that definitely lived up to all expectations. Thanks to YOU and your fellow jewelry enthusiasts, our 15th Anniversary celebration was filled with fun, inspiration and moments we will remember forever. We want to give a huge thanks to each and every one of you who came to Bead Fest Summer, or were cheering us on from home! We certainly had an incredible time and based on the wonderful event photos and blog posts we’ve stumbled upon; it looks like you had a great time, too! Continue reading “Bead Fest Summer”