Bead Fest Fall

Event Wrap Up


Happy Tuesday Bead Fest fans! We’re wishing you all a festive, fun and safe Halloween week! Have you created any cute/creepy DIY decorations, recipes, or jewelry art projects inspired by Halloween? If so, post those pictures and tag us! We are always inspired by your creations.

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Why You Can’t Miss It!

Bead Fest Fall


Greetings Bead Fest fans! Can you believe that we are less than 10 days away from Bead Fest Fall’s kickoff?!

For all of our Bead Fest newcomers out there, you may be wondering if there is more to the event than workshops and shopping (not that those aren’t amazing features!). The answer is absolutely YES! The benefits of attending Bead Fest Fall are seemingly endless. Let’s walk through some of Bead Fest Fall’s exciting attractions that you simply can’t miss! Continue reading “Bead Fest Fall”